Karin LeBlanc Foundation

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Founder’s Cup Charity Classic Committee Members, Joe Mathot (left) and Jeremy Bekar (right), present a $15,000 cheque to Karina LeBlanc (centre) and the Karina LeBlanc Foundation.

Karina LeBlanc, 2x Olympian with the Canadian women’s national soccer team, began her soccer career in Maple Ridge, BC with the support of the local population. As a way to show her gratitude and appreciation, she decided to create the Karina LeBlanc Foundation so she can give back to the community that gave her a start.

The Karina LeBlanc Foundation focuses its resources on adolescent girls from all socio-economic backgrounds to help them achieve their dreams and to produce future leaders. Funds received by the Karina LeBlanc Foundation are put into bursaries and grants that allow girls to go to summer camps to enhance their skills in a sport or other activity. The Foundation also focuses on developing mentorships for young females.